Beer Releases: May 2 - May 8, 2021

Berwyn's Flapjack Brewery on Chicago's Best TV

Learn more about this great brewery and pizzeria by watching this clip above, which appeared last weekend on Chicago's Best on WGN.

New Releases - Hot Spot DropsComing Soon

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Sunday, May 2

Cans and glass of Friends Dont' Lie by Skeleton Key Brewery

People Let Me Tell You About My Best Friend!!!

I've written about Skeleton Key Brewery's Friends Don't Lie a few times now ... and I have no idea why this song popped into my mind today, but I'm going with it.  Even though it makes me sound like I've had a few too many of these.  But, once you get a taste of this one ... you may want to bring home a few.  It's a Centennial-hopped APA is full of piney & citrus notes and incredibly drinkable at 5.7% ABV.

Trivia Time - What old TV show had the theme song that started "People let me tell you about my best friend"?  Click here for the answer.

 Monday, May 3

Glass and two cans of Ike & Oak Brewing's Common Rise

Two Chardonnay Barrel-Aged Brews from Ike & Oak

Ike & Oak is releasing Common Rise.  This is a sour beer with two variants, Wild Cherry and Wild Berry.  Bonus points, because that rhymes.  As you can tell by the title of this section, both versions are Chardonnay barrel-aged.  Draft and cans, but very limited.  Get yours today.

Tuesday, May 4

No beers released. 

Wednesday, May 5

Locked 'n Loaded

Plainfield's Garage Band has a batch of fresh Locked 'n Loaded waiting for you.  This beer has been flying off the shelves, so make sure to get out and try this one.  Brewed with caramel, Munich malts, flaked oats, Cascade hops, and Citra hops.  You'll get strong fruit and citrus characteristics, spicy earth undertones, and a silky smooth finish.

Glass of Alter's Alterado


Alterado is the latest from, guess who? Alter Brewing Company.  A relaxed Mexican-style lager brewed with flaked maize, it has a classic spicy nose with a hint of corn that mimics driving past your local tortilleria with the windows down. For a little extra layer of complexity, Alter aged it in the foeder for 2 months giving a small amount of oakiness as the beer warms.

Cans of King Balaton from Alter Brewing

A Message from the King ... A Message from the King

You say, the cherry beer from Alter is a beer you're willing to drink.  It's true, and trust me - it surely doesn't stink.  It's light and crisp, you'll want more than a whisp.  Tastes of tart cherry, you'll be merrrrrrrrrrry ... just like the King.  Balaton's my name, this beer is a fame, miss it you'll be laaaaaaaame.

Order King Balaton today, or I'll keep going with this corny Hamilton write-up.

Picture through a submarine's periscope with a torpedo going to a jar of mayo.

Hickory de Mayo

New Lenox's Hickory Creek Brewing has a fun one for Cinco De Mayo.  Fuego de Mango translates to Mango Fire ... and this one for sure brings both flavors to the table.  You'll get the fruit-forward mango up front, than the taste of serrano pappers on the finish.  Nice little spicy kick at the end, but it's truly manageable and worth trying this one.

Glass of beer from Pollyanna

Humpy is Back at Pollyanna

Although, normally I do a Humpty Hump reference when Pollyanna brings back HumpenscrumpSadly, Shock G (aka Humpty Hump) passed away a few weeks ago :(.  

Nonetheless, time to focus on the beer.  This Hefeweizen is brewed with 100% German malt, wheat, hops, and yeast, this beer is super smooth, soft, and clean with no discernible bitterness. A light sweetness and notes of banana and clove make this perfect on a hot, sunny day.

Thursday, May 6

Man pouring can of Alter's Things We Don't Say

Things We Don't Say - Alter Brewing Company

Alter's version of Things We Don't Say is a double dry-hopped, hazy IPA with smooth, tropical mouthfeel and little to no bitterness. Dry-hopped with Azacca, Cashmere, and El Dorado it delivers loads of complex melon and citrus notes throughout.?

Glass of Black Horizon's Orbital Waves

Orbital Waves

The latest from Willowbrook's Black Horizon Brewing Company is called Orbital Waves.  Orbital Waves is a DDH (double dry hopped) IPA featuring Cryo El Dorado and Galaxy hops. Big splashes of bright tropical juice, ripe pineapple, soft stone fruit are accented by a semi hazy malt profile with a delicate hop finish.

Glass of Berwyn's Flapjack Brewery's latest beer


Flapjack Brewery has released a new Hefeweizen called It's Nebulose!  Now, the beer is unrelated to the Marvel Character Nebula.  The name is actually an adjective, meaning cloudlike, hazy or indistinct, having cloud like markings.  The Hefe weights in at 4.2% ABV and 11 IBU.

Glass of beer underneath taps

A Collab Between Skeleton Key Brewery and Goldfinger Brewing Company

Bavarian Breeze is only available at the moment at Skeleton Key (it'll be hitting Goldfinger sometime next week).

A hazy before there were hazies, this light and refreshing unfiltered German wheat ale is the drinkable embodiment of gauzy, straw-colored clouds lazily meandering across a blue sky on a breezy day. Expect a lovely balance of fresh, fruity banana and delicate clove. (5.5% ABV)

Those tall and curvy wheat beer glasses are also available for purchase -- each is branded with a collab mashup logo (the G shield + our classic key) and features lovely scalloping from the base to just below the rim. A .5L mark ensures perfect pours with room for an ample cap of foam.

Bottle and glass of Helles

Oh, Helles!

Yup, make the same joke everytime.  I'm sticking with it.  Tangled Roots' latest release is a Helles, a crisp full-bodied German-style Lager with a low bitterness and a mild, but present, noble hop character. A mild sweetness and bread-like malt flavor is also present. This is beer-flavored beer.

Graphic for Jorge Furioso

Three at Metal Monkey

RomeoPils, a traditional German Lager, is back in 4 packs at the Romeoville brewery.  Also on tap are Jorge Furioso, a Habanero Pale Ale, and Rick, a Pickle Gose.

Friday, May 7

Glass of River Hawk's Yellow Jacket on a table

Lil Bit of Honey

River Hawk Brewing's Yellow Jacket is a tasty summer delight.  It's a gluten-free, orange blossom honey-based beer, spiced with orange peel and vanilla.  Clean and light, semi-sweet.

Graphic featuring Monkey Junction, El Chango Loco, and Tone Capone's tacos

Siete de Mayo

Metal Monkey Brewing is celebrating Cinco de Mayo on the Seventh, and they have a couple of releases for us. 

  • Monkey Junction:  Mexican Lager
  • El Chango Loco:  Tequilla Barrel-Aged Gose

At their party, they will also have El Chango slushies, so be on the lookout for those as well.

Graphic for The Flying Dutchman

One Sixtel Only

Miskatonic's popular Flying Dutchman hits the taps today.  This one is uber-limited, only one sixtel.  It's an awesome, Rum Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout.

From the Mother Road

Rt66 Old School Brewing is releasing two today!

  • Ditch Runner - A Huckleberry Wheat that's part of the "Kick the Keg" challenge between the OSB beertenders.
  • Katfish Daze - a Kolsch with a slight citrus taste.  Golden in color and idly sweet, with a 6.5% ABV.

Graphic for Things We Don't Say from Nik & Ivy

Things We Don't Say - Nik & Ivy Brewing

Can's of Pollyanna Brewing Co's Things We Don't Say

Things We Don't Say - Pollyanna Brewing Company

Alter's Heavy Squeeze

Heavy Squeeze and King Squeeze

Take a little bit of Alter Brewing's King Balaton and a little bit of Heavy Squeeze, and you have your royal highness, King Squeeze - a combo of their cherry wheat and lemon wheat beer.  The OG Heavy Squeeze is also available if you're looking for just lemons.

Cans of Up Your Kilt by Hickory Creek Brewing

Canned Kilt

Hickory Creek Brewing has canned Up Your Kilt, their Scottish Wee Heavy.  This is a re-release of their first ever Scottish Ale.  Nice balance of malt and creamy.

Saturday, May 8

No beers announced.


Hot Spot Drops

We're going to list the date and location of craft beer drops along the Corridor.  Remember, these are all limited and subject to availability (just like everything in life, if you think about it).


May 4 - Iron&Glass Romeoville

May 5 - Orange & Brew Downers Grove

May 5 - Iron&Glass Romeoville

May 6 - Orange & Brew Downers Grove

May 6 - Iron&Glass Romeoville

May 7 - Orange & Brew Downers Grove

Coming Soon

Skeleton Key Brewery and Miskatonic Brewing Company - Joint Effort 2

brewer pouring something into brewing vessel

Nik & Ivy Brewing Co. - The Fat Mike

Flock to the Rock
Eagle watching, winter fun, and more!

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