Beer Releases: August 28 - September 18, 2020

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Welcome to the new web page!  The Heritage Corridor CVB released its new web site on Tuesday, September 8 - which combined its current site with some sub sites, like the Heritage Corridor Ale Trail.  We hope you like it!  Check out the page, and check out some of the other links to get an idea of traveling in the area and coming up with your next road trip.  

We've combined a few weeks of beer releases for this update, due to being down as the new web site was being prepped.  We're back, and next week, we'll be back to the weekly updates.  

Friday, August 28

Cans of Dr. Pangloss from Pollyanna Brewing Company

Back After Five Years

The doctor is in.  Dr. Pangloss is a black IPA, making his rounds at Pollyanna Brewing Company.  Named after the philosopher from Voltaire’s “Candide,” Dr Pangloss viewed most situations with unwarranted optimism. Sarcastic, erratic, and fantastical, this beer lives by the mantra that “all is for the best in the best of all possible worlds.” Not defined by a traditional style, Dr Pangloss is brewed with Mosaic and Simcoe hops and a balanced amount of roasted malts to pair with the intense citruses.

Drawing - Goldfinger Original Lager in a glass

Welcome Goldfinger to the Ale Trail

We’ve got a brand new brewery to the Ale Trail!  Say hello to Goldfinger Brewing Co. out of Downers Grove, IL.  They have a new batch of their Original Lager – go out and give it a try!  And, they’re now part of the Heritage Corridor Ale Trail Passport — grab a beer, check in, and work your way towards free prizes!

Glass of Google Snob and a glass of 7 Days

Google Snob

So, the beer on the left is Mad Hatchet’s Google Snob.  It’s the Shorewood Brewery’s latest Berliner Weisse, fruited heavily with fresh mango to beat the heat.  On the right is 7 Days, which is one of the beers featured in our last Beer Releases article.  

Glass of beer on a table

Miskatonic's Dumas

Leftover in the tank after sending next year's Paramour release into freshly dumped Cab barrels, this single keg of fresh base beer was carbonated and conditioned naturally using neutral wine yeast. Notes of chocolate, deep bready-raisiny Belgian malt, and red fruit dominate.

Saturday, August 29

Woman drinking dark beer

Skeleton Key's Latest

Are you ready for Hazelnut Praline Imperial Milk Stout?  This one packs a wallop at 10.5% ABV, and brings some tasty and rich dark chocolate notes to the forefront. 

Tuesday, September 1

Glass of beer surrounded by three strawberries, all on wooden table

Strawberry Delight

Alter Brewing's Rita Hayworth is a delightful strawberry blonde ale that's light and easy drinking.  Just a kiss of strawberry sweetness.

Drawing of Marley (city schematic)

Marley Marzen Oktoberfest Bier in New Lenox

It's fall beer season, and Hickory Creek's Oktoberfest Beer is ready for you!  Lightly hopped with Tettnang and Hallertau hops, this light copper colored fall beer is smooth and malty with a hint of sweetness. 

Cans of Black is Beautiful

Black is Beautiful - Whiskey Hill Edition

The Westmont Brewery has released its Black is Beautiful beer, a Russian Imeprial Stout aged on roasted Hazelnut.  Over 100 lbs. of hazelbut that is.  They also upped the flaked oats and boiled for nine and a half hours to achieve significant carmelization and improved viscosity.  100% of the proceeds will go to support My Block, My Hood, My City.  


A Double Drop from the Monkeys

Metal Monkey is releasing two beers today.  

  • A collab with The Skull (a Chicago Doom Metal band), Til The Sun Turns Black is an American IPA with Lemon Zest and Jasmine Green Tea.  Clocks in at 7.0 % ABV and 40 IBUs.  It was brewed with Lemondrop and Columbus hops, lemon zest, and jasmine green tea.

  • Bikini Bottom Gose w/ Pineapple is back, a regular favorite from the Romeoville brewery.  A sour German wheat beer with coriander and Himalayan salt, with added pineapple juice. 

Thursday, September 3

Cans of Oktoberfarce from Black Horizon Brewing

The Story of Oktoberfarce

Oktoberfarce is Black Horizon Brewing Company's annual beer for season - brewed with 100% German malts, hops, and yeast.  But, what the farce is up with the name?  

Well, we use a Kolsch strain of yeast (ale) to ferment this beer warm as opposed to a lager strain to bring out awesome toasty, bread-y, biscuit and caramel notes with a crisp noble hop finish.

Overhead shot of beer surrounded by peaches

Getting Those Peach Vibes

This is part of an ongoing Berliner Weiss series from Tangled Roots.  You know I love the puns, so I'm going to directly copy their post.  (I'm standing and golf clapping for whoever wrote this...)

Do you like sour beer? Do you love peaches? Then you'll really aPEACHiate this one. Take a midnight train to Tangled Roots and have Georgia on your mind when you try this tart Berliner Weiss with peach puree. Truly a beer that won’t leave you feeling fuzzy around the edges. We're not peach-ing to the choir when we tell you how much you'll vibe with this beer.

Sliced open orange, passion friut, and guava

POG Destroyer

What is POG juice?  Passion Fruit, Orange, and Guava.  Thank you Metal Monkey for this beer, as well as putting what POG was in your description.  (I didn't pick up on that...  but that's my sleep-deprived life with a teething 8-month old at home.)  Anyway, this beer is a tradition GOSE brewed with coriander seed and himalayan sea salt.  They added the POG juice to it "to make your beer hole happy"!

Friday, September 4

Label artwork for Unified Field Theory

A Super Collaboration

Miskatonic Brewing Company and Foreign Exchange Brewing hooked up for this might collboartion, inspired by the West Coast Avengers comic.  It's a West Coast (get it?) double IPA brewed with Strata, Simcoe, and Idaho 7.  Miskatonic says that it "will warm you up faster than the real Jim Hammond."  

Graphic for Bruce Willis Was Dead the Whole time Beer

Spoiler Alert!  A Great Hazy IPA is at Mad Hatchet

If you're interested in watching the movie the Sixth Sense, skip this intro.  As you know, the team over at Mad Hatchet Brewing is big into the scary movies.  This new IPA, Bruce Willis was Dead the Whole Time, is a tasty little Hazy IPA.  Citra and Mosaic hops in this one.

I have no words on the statue sitting behind the beer.

Picture of taps at Will County Brewing Company

A TON from Will County Brewing

Here we go:

  • Will County Brewing:  Riding Double Shotgun Double Dry Hopped IPA with Mango (Collab with Urban Brew Labs)
  • Will County Brewing:  Blueberry Faygo Sour Berliner with Blueberries, Vanilla, and Lavender (very limited)
  • Black Horizon Brewing Company:  Common Visions Fruited Ale
  • Metal Monkey:  Asmodeus Russian Imperial Stout
  • Metal Monkey:  Bikini Bottom Pineapple Gose
  • Work Force Brewing:  Double Dry Hopped Formerly Known As IPA
Can of Full Moon Looks - Pollyanna Brewing and Solemn Oath

DANK You Very Much

Pollyanna Brewing and Solemn Oath Brewery are releasing "Full Moon Looks" on Friday.  This ia a West Coast IPA with Lotus and Galaxy Hops.  Lots of bright green hop character in this one!

Glass of beer, surrounded by barley.  Flag in background (not sure of origin)

MyGrain's Oktoberfest

The traditional beer of the longest running beer fest in the world, MyGrain's Oktoberfest is brewed in the German tradition with a rich body, malty flavor, and a clean, smooth finish.

Saturday, September 5

Glass of beer surrounded by sliced limes on a bed of pink salt

A Beer Worthy of the Name

Sublime:  of such excellence, grandeur, or beauty as to inspire great admiration or awe.  The name perfectly fits Garage Band Brewing's latest beer.  Sublime is there Key Lime Gose beer that is made with equal parts Wheat and Pilsen malts, pink Himalayan sea salt, crushed coriander, and key lime.  The brewery has the perfect suggestion with this beer as well - try it with margaria salt or Tajin around the rim for added flavor!

Also, Sublime is the name of the band that came out with the song "What I Got" from 1996.  Not sure what's more memorable, the acoustic guitar opening or the hook to the song.  Both get a thumbs up.  (How is this song 24 years old?)

Hickory Creek Brewing logo

Back Alley Apple

The story behind the name?  Quite simple.  Gary from Hickory Creek Brewing has an apple tree behind the brewery.  You can taste the freshness in the perfect summertime brew.  Get yours today before that tree goes bare!

Wednesday, September 9

Two cans of beer sitting on top of comic books

A Beer for Super Heroes

Unified Field Theory is now in cans and hitting distribution.  For info on the beer itself, scroll up to September 4 for its original draft release.  

Glass of beer surrounded by cut up mango (Garage Band Brewing)

The Code Word is "Rochambeau," Dig Me?  You Have Your Orders, Now Go Man-Go

Channelling a little Hamilton on this description for "Go Man-Go," which is probably my favorite musical.  Even including the YouTube link for the scene.  And, if you're looking for a new favorite beer ... Go Man Go from Garage Band Brewing could be right up your alley.  It's a refreshing Berliner Weisse with Lemon and Mango.  

I hear the drinking song they're singing - The world turned upside down....

Glass of Prosthetic Cherry Mohawk Cherry Limeade Sour

Cherries and Limes Combine at Flapjack Brewery

Prosthetic Cherry Mohawk Cherry Limeade Sour is now available at Flapjack Brewery.  First reports via UnTappd are that this is a tasty beer that is the right amount of sour.  Can't wait to try it!  

Lady holding sign with beer info and beer, laying on the bar

Damn Right, It's Better Than Yours

Whiskey Hill has dropped "Boys to the Yard," a milkshake IPA.  The beer is hopped with Motueka, Magnum, and with a touch of mango added. Expect flavors of bubblegum, lemon, sweet vanilla, and a touch of mango.

Thursday, September 10

Bottles of beer at end of bottling line

Pro Re Nata

Auction winner Leo Lopez got to work with Tangled Roots to brew up Pro Re Nata, a take on the classic Belgian-style Tripel.  This was brewed with yeast from Omega Labs to create a strong and dry beer with hints of banana, dried fruit, and subtile spices.

Glass of Vienna Lager from Goldfinger Brewing

A Vienna Lager from Goldfinger

The Downers Grove brewery released this beauty, a coppor-colored Vienna Lager.  It has a medium body with a unique depth of malt flavor because of their double decoction method of brewing.  A sure winner!

three cans of beer, with pineapples in the background (Pollyanna Brewing Company)

That's Gold Jerry, Gold!

This liquid gold is Pollyanna's Double Pineapple Lexical Gap.  It's their flagship Double IPA with some crazy pineapple goodness.  Lexi at it's finest!

Friday, September 11

Top view of a glass of beer with two hops in it, in background, bin of wet hops

Wet Hop Right Into Tangled Roots Brewing Company

If you've ever tried Devil's Paintbox IPA over at the Ottawa-based brewery, you're going to love Aqua Devil Wet Hopped IPA.  They took Devil's Paintbox and wet hopped it with Centennial hops for this new take on one of their flagship beers.

Glass of beer surrounded by toasted coconut shavings

Taste the Golden Coconut

Dustin over at Rt66 Old School Brewing has a tasty new one for us.  Maverick's Wave is a golden ale with coconut undertones.  Can't wait to try this one!

The Patriot

A Salute to the Patriot

The Patriot is a flagship offering from River Hawk Brewing in Channahon.  Clean and simple, it has a pilsner base malt for the classic American-style lager.  


Skeleton Key Brewery's Beer Board

Three from the Key

Woodridge's Skeleton Key Brewery has three dropping today.  Two version of Flip Hop, each dry-hopped with a single hop strain.  Today, they are releasing Amarillo (with notes of grapefruit and citrus) and El Dorado (with tropical and stone fruit notes).  Look for more versions in the upcoming weeks.  Nine-Tailed American Lager is also tapped as well, which is a crisp lager brewed in collaboration with The Foxtail in Downers Grove.  


Saturday, September 12

Cans of It's Trixey, Honey Bunches of Stout, Bamm Bamm Loves Pebbles, and Oatmeal Raisin Cookie from Will County Brewing Company

Can't Wait Until Saturday!

I love Saturday Morning Cartoons!  That's the day around this time of year that Will County Brewing releases their cereal-inspired creations.  This year, you'll be able to get mixed 4-packs of:

  • Bamm Bamm Loves Pebbles - A fruited wheat ale that is one of WCBC's most-demanded beers. 

  • Oatmeal Cookies - An amber ale with spices

  • It's Trixey - A milkshake IPA

  • Honey Bunches fo Stout - Sweet Stout with Honey

The beers will also be on draft.  Get there early, and you might snag a donus from Orland Park Bakery (while supplies last).

Graphic advertising Lederhosen Explosion by Mad Hatchet

Mad Hatchet Exploding Onto the Oktoberfest Scene

The Shorewood-based Brewery is released it's Oktoberfest brew, Lederhosen Explosion.  The beer weighs in at 5.7% ABV.


Sunday, September 13

Glass of Sharpshooter from Skeleton Key Brewery

The Best There Is, The Best There Was, The Best There Ever Will Be

The latest in Skeleton Key's "Finishing Move" American Porter Series honors Bret The Hitman Hart.  The Sharpshooter is infused with cold brew coffee from Calgary Heritage Roasting Company - the Hitman's home town.  Their bold and full-bodied coffee compliments their roasty porter to perfection.

Tuesday, September 15

Graphic for Hop Butchet's Green Moss

Hop Butcher at Miskatonic

Tapping at Miskatonic Brewing Company's Taco Tuesday is Greener Moss.  They say the moss is always green at Miskatonic.  OK, I couldn't think of anything better.  Sorry.  But, Hop Butcher's stuff is amazing and definitely worth stopping into Miskatonic on Tuesday.  Greener Moss is a Triple IPA with notes of citrus, pine, and stone fruit.  

Wednesday, September 16

Glass of Alter's

Alter's Second Dimension

A long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, Alter Brewing Company launched in Downers Grove, IL.  One of their beers was Dimension dubbel.  It became time for a Second Dimension, Belgian-style Ale.  Spicy warming notes of caramel, dark fruit, cocoa, and winter spices.  Just the right amount of sweetness on the finish.

Thursday, September 17


Metalmorphosis, Track 6

The album continues for Metal Monkey Brewing, releasing their 6th ediiton of Metalmorphosis.  This NEIPA uses Nelson Sauvin and El Dorado hops, giving you tons of white wine, grape, pear, and watermelon flavors!  6% ABV.

Glass of beer from Ike & Oak Breweing

A Gold Medalist Returns to Ike & Oak

Check out the color (and the taste) on Corbet's Couloir Doppelbock from Ike & Oak Brewing Company.  It took home two competitive gold medals in 2019, and returns for the Oktoberfest season.  It's a darker brew than Iketoberfest Marzen, full-bodied, sweet, and malty.  Only available on draft.

Cans of

Fresh Haze is In The Cards

Pollyanna's Hazy American Pale Ale known as In The Cards is back and ready for your gullet.  Get your today in Lemont (and on Friday at Roselle at St. Charles).

Hawktoberfest graphic, featuring River Hawk Brewing logo

Hawktober is Now on Tap

That Oktoberfest beer that should be flying into your belly is River Hawk's Hawktober, which is a Marzen Lager weighing in at 5.3% ABV.  Get a glass today!

Glass of beer from Tangled Roots Brewing Company

Tangled Roots, Down on the Farm

Tangled Roots released their Farm to Foam Farmhouse IPA, brewed with a Farmhouse yeast strain from Omega Yeast and local malt and hops from their own farm in Ottawa, IL.  

Friday, September 18


Two cans of Chicken Fried Punk by Black Horizon Brewing

Oh I Like My Chicken Fried, a Cold Beer on a Friday Night ...

A monster of a fruity and hoppy double IPA, please say hello to Chicken Fried Punk.  This beer focuses more on the bright citrus and sweet sappy characteristics of West Coast hops.  You'll get notes of tropical fruit, citrus, candied pine, and jammy hops.  10% ABV on this one ... get it while's its still around.  

Glass of beer at Elder Brewing Co

Elder's Kicking Out A New One

John Boat Haze is the latest from the Joliet-based Elder Brewing Company.  It's a IPA that weights in a 7.4% ABV and 90 IBUs.  Early reports that this one is full of hoppy flavor.

Hickory Creek Experimenting With Their Latest

Part of the fun of following craft beer is seeing the different experiements.  And, Hickory Creek has a unique one ready for you all today.  Gary has been plaing around with Jasmine rice.  Jasmine X1 clocks in at 3.5% ABV, purposely made on the lighter side so you can get the full Jasmine experience.  Let us know what you think!
beers in front of a wildcat flag

My Old WIlmatucky Home

Rt66 has released an old favorite, Ole Wilmatucky American Lager.  Get in on Friday, September 18 where you can pick up 3 crowlers of this light, crisp, and refreshing beer for $30.  Only on the 18th!

Pre-order Now

Lady in German Dress holding cans of beer

Skeleton Key's Annual Oktoberfest Beer

SKB is releasing "Shoot the Glass" on the same day Oktoberfest in Munich would have started.  You can preorder their annual Marzen-style Oktoberfest Lager for pickup on 9/19 between 12p-3pm.  Draft pours and walk-up orders will be available on 9/20.   

Bierwynsteiner in glass stein (with Flapjack logo)

Here Comes Bierwynsteiner

It's that time of year to celebrate bier, and on September 19, you can get your hands on Bierwynsteiner.  For $20 on the 19th, you can get a Bierwynsteiner with fill and glass stein.  Make your indoor reservations here.  Outdoor is first-come, first-served ... you get your pour in plastic (but a wrapped stein).

Coming Soon

Label for Nerd is the Word from Pollyanna


I am truly excited for this beer, which will be released during Pollyanna's Sixth Anniversary Celebration (sometime at the end of September).  The candy-inspired "Nerd is the Word" will be loaded with strawberries and concord grapes after being kettle soured and given a light lactose addition).

Giant pumpkin that says

A Giant Collaboration

Will County Brewing Company is teaming up with Heap's Giant Pumpkin Farm in Minooka.  This beer will be brewed with home baked Blue Moon Pumpkins directly from Heap's Farm.  Expect this one on tap soon.  


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